Loupe is a custom debugging tool for native iOS and Android apps.

Loupe helps engineers, QA, and Product Managers debug issues happening behind what’s visible on the screen. It confirms behavior, diagnoses problems, and overrides device inputs (like physical location) for testing. When integrated with a project, it can be used by anyone, untethered from a computer, without a separate development environment.


  • Log & Diagnose

    Loupe logs network requests, analytics, location data, and more. And shows them to you in real time.

  • Manage Features & Settings

    With Loupe, you can enable or disable features under development and apply app settings.

  • Discover & Share

    Loupe lets you share your discoveries right from your device.

  • Override Device Inputs

    Loupe allows you to specify custom inputs that override device data like physical location. And you can trigger error states to test fault tolerance.

Why we built it.

When you’re using an app, you see and feel the app’s UI. However, there are tiny, invisible details behind the scenes working together to bring the app to life. Those details, like networking, location data, and analytics, are all critical to app performance, but historically you couldn’t see them without a desktop computer and a debugger or proxy attached to your device.

Loupe changes this.

With Loupe built in, you can see why the app behaves a certain way without any additional tools. It runs in real time, while you’re using the app, and it lets you share diagnostic details directly from your device.

How to use it.

When Loupe is embedded in the app you’re using, you can access it by triple-tapping with two fingers anywhere on the screen. From there, you can use Loupe to view networking requests and responses, enable or disable app features, override device location data, and so on.


Loupe starts at $900/mo per app per platform and is available for an unlimited number of users. Please get in touch for licensing details.

Built by Livefront.

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